About Us

Two hobbies  now preoccupy the life of the creator of this site:

* Biological gardening.
* Creating 3D worlds of landscape with freeware like Unreal , Blender3D and  other stuff.

Born in 1950 in the neighbourhood of Zierikzee the author of this website (Johan Bil) began his life as a farmers son.
The sea was less than a hundred meters from his bed and in februari 1953 it came even closer when the tragic “disaster of 1953” took more than 1800 lifes in the delta of the Netherlands. Fortunately no one in the near family was drowned.  In the years after the “disaster” Johan grew up in a landscape that was totally reshaped according to the modern way of farming. He always wandered by the waters of the Oosterschelde and on his fathers land.
When he was fifteen he began to work with his father on the land. In between he studied agriculture; he was highly interested in everything about soil and plants.

When the opportunity came he moved to Zevenaar. Up there he worked for three seasons on a biological vegetable and fruit company. Johan learned much over there but the persist of the company was unstable. So he thought it was better to move back to Zeeland where he could join a gardening company. So he worked for the next twenty-six years as a gardener and arborist.
With his love for nature and woods he was lucky to work most of those years  in the woodland ecosystems of the Veerse Meer. Taking pictures of landcape was a hobby in those days.
According to his interests Johan began in the early nineties a training maintaining nature reserve. It was in that training when for the first time he was faced with computers.

Soon he discovered that with computers you can do much, including drawing. And more than that: you can draw three-dimensional.

Nowadays retired of work Johan has time to enjoy designing realistic buildings and landscape . 

On this website he tries to show what he is doing.