As you see; climbing has always been my favourite activity.

What a fascinating job. Pruning beautiful big trees or planting young ones.

Often you have to disassemble large trees in little gardens.
That’s where this page is about.

In my working life I worked many hours with chainsaws.
Dangerous job of course.
The chainsaw is a scary tool. Use it with care.
The best you can do to reduce the risc is to keep your tools and yourself in top condition.

So much opportunity for me to work with ropes and knots.
Here below some pictures made in Renesse.


Next picture shows you the basic equipment of the arborist.
My (old) climbing belt. And on the left my (young) Silky Sugoi handsaw.
In front the main 35 meters climbing rope (blue) and a 25 meters catching bowline.

Now and than I try to do do some climbing work to stay in shape.

In november 2017 I had to shorten some trees in the neighbourhood.

The barn next to the trees should be covered with solar panels and the trees took too much light.

Unfortunately the chicken coop was right below it so you should catch all the branches.

Fortunately the owner of the trees met me to complete the job.



We succeeded without causing any damage.

It makes me feel so much alive when I have finished.


By the way, I was lucky to work for many years in the young woods of the Veerse Meer too. Many drops of sweat we left there.

Often we must travel by boat to reach our work.

Nature was unfolding there afterwards the waters were closed by executing the Delta Plan.
Great times!